Oil Changes

At Unlimited Automotive & Performance, we believe in offering more than just a top-quality oil change. Our specialized service technicians provide a long-term and preventative maintenance program that boosts the reliability and endurance of your vehicle.

Mobile 1 is our first choice for oil and lube. Companies that utilize our services will benefit from the convenience of an AMVIC Certified shop that is conveniently located on the west end of Edmonton.

How often should you change your motor oil?

Some manufacturers recommend getting oil changes at specific intervals. With that said, many vehicles are armed with on board monitoring systems that specify on the dash when an oil change is required. Remember, when manufacturers suggest a predetermined mileage interval, like 8,000 km, it’s based on the projected stress of normal driving.

So, if you drive in more strenuous conditions (such as extreme temperatures with lots of stopping) manufacturers will often recommend that you replace your oil more often. Our technicians can advise you on the right oil change interval for your vehicle based on the way you drive.

High Mileage Vehicles

High mileage oils are commonly suggested for use on any vehicle with over 120,700 km on the odometer. It doesn’t matter if it’s five years old or 25. The fact is that as vehicles are driven more often, the likelihood of engine and performance issues developing increases. This makes it even more crucial to keep all maintenance needs up to date.

As engines wear, the seals on your vehicle can shrink and crack. Compression in your cylinders can begin to weaken. When those things occur, your engine loses performance and then starts to consume more oil. Ultimately, this can lead to the need for major engine repairs. Regular oil changes coupled with the right motor oil can help slow down engine wear and counteract some of the effects of time.

OIL CHANGE: Starting from $65 Plus GST

ALL vehicles that come through the shop will get a FREE 100 point inspection.

This is just one more way that Unlimited Automotive can help you. Contact us today to book an appointment.